Honda Riding Assist

Honda Riding Assist Technology And Its Working Explained

Honda Riding Assist will change the way we ride motorcycles in future:

Honda Motorcycles recently unveiled a unique feature for its motorcycles, the Honda Riding Assist. It is an all-electric concept motorcycle which continually assesses its position. Furthermore, it can also move the handle-bar which makes sure that the motorcycle always stays in an upright position.

Honda Riding Assist
Honda Riding Assist

At the Tokyo Motor Show, Honda showcased a motorcycle which can stand on its own with or without a rider. The bike uses the robotic technology that Honda invented while developing its walking humanoid robot. With advent of new era technology, Honda Engineers made this possible on a motorcycle.

Why Honda Riding Assist?

Pulling a heavy bike out of the garage is a chore. Riding a bike at very slow speeds is quite challenging and leads to instability. It could also become tiresome because the rider has to balance his/her weight alongwith the weight of the bike. This may result in the riders laying down their bike. To overcome these issues, Honda came up with Honda Riding Assist which helps the motorcycle stand upright.

How Honda Riding Assist works?

To keep a motorcycle upright, you need a large and heavy gyroscopic device and you also need to keep turning it. But, it will alter the riding experience. So, Honda decided not to use the Gyroscope. Instead, Honda's device is only the size of a lamp which can be fitted above the front wheel. When you turn the system on, the motorcycle stays upright even when the rider walks away from it.

The auto-balancing function is always on even when the rider sits on the bike. When the bike comes to a dead stop, the rider need not put their feet on the ground for balancing. The motorcycle balances itself even while riding at very slow speeds. This is very useful in the stop-and-go or slow speed traffic in urban cities. Once the rider gets off the bike, it can even follow the rider wherever he/she goes such as moving into the garage.

Technology behind Honda Riding Assist:

Honda derives this technology from its which is a two-legged, self-standing humanoid ASIMO. Honda Riding Assist uses this proven robotics technology to create the self-balancing motorcycle. Thus, it greatly reduces the possibility of failing over when the motorcycle is at rest. Honda aims to improve the experience of riding a motorcycle and plans to employ this feature on large as well as small motorcycles used for the daily commute.

Honda Riding Assist
Honda Riding Assist

All Images: Courtesy Honda

Watch Honda Riding Assist in action here:

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