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The Vehicle Selection Module aka 'Crankit-Selekt' has been specifically designed for the users in India to help them find their dream bike from various bike models available only in India. Any data used on Crankit-Selekt or anywhere on crankit.in website, including but not limited to the performance (speed) and fuel economy figures etc., is indicative only and presented as a general guide to the products, accessories, services and / or performance statistics offered by the various automotive manufacturers.

In MOST cases this data has been sourced from the respective manufacturers. However in some cases, where the data has not been given by the manufacturer, the data provided or displayed on CrankIT website has been obtained from various sources including but not limited to - various websites, internet blogs, forums, user reviews, user feedback, ARAI's tests, newspapers and automotive magazines etc. This is specifically done for delivering the most accurate information to users to help them find exactly what they are looking for; without affecting the reputation of either the respective manufacturer or its product in any case.

Hence, these figures may or may not match to the manufacturer's official data as the case may be. Users are advised to verify the data on their own before making any decisions. Although CrankIT has made every effort to provide the most accurate and factual data; it does not guarantee the authenticity / accuracy of the same all the time. As such, no warranty is provided by CrankIT on such information for its reliability, completeness, accuracy or it is published without any error; accidental or otherwise. In some cases we may have also included pictures, data, specifications and / or performance statistics (mileage / speed) of overseas models just as a reference or guide, which may or may not be available in the local market.

Please note that:

  1. Prices shown here are indicative only.
  2. The price reflects only the average approximate ex-showroom price of the respective bike’s model. This may exclude any local taxes, octroi, registration, insurance, cost of accessories and any other incidental charges.
  3. For exact / on-road prices of the bikes, please consult the local dealer in your area.
  4. The fuel efficiency figures represent approximate overall figures under certain / test conditions and may vary in actual driving cycle / conditions.
  5. All specifications are provisional. We have included only some of the vehicle specifications for easy understanding and / or analysis purpose, which are subject to change without notice. For complete & latest specifications, please refer to the respective manufacturer's website.

Note: CrankIT is an ‘IT enabled Automotive Analytics website’, which has compiled this data only for easy representation / information analysis purpose and as such; we neither endorse nor reject any claims made by either the manufacturers or any other third party sources from whom this data has been sourced; which please be noted. Therefore, CrankIT does not accept the liability for damages of any kind resulting from the access or use of this site and its contents. User’s discretion is solicited.

In case you come across any official reference of more accurate / updated information, then please send it to us at [email protected] and we would be happy to update our records after due verification.

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