ATFT: Advanced Tumble Flow Induction Technology

ATFT: How Advanced Tumble Flow Induction Technology Works, Explained

What is ATFT?

The term ATFT stands for 'Advanced Tumble Flow Induction Technology'. According to our understanding, it means that the air-fuel mixture gets 'a tumbling effect' or 'rolling effect' which helps in better burning of fuel.

Advanced Tumble Flow Induction Technology badge
Advanced Tumble Flow Induction Technology badge

ATFT mainly comprises of optimization of the engine design which brings a spin motion to the air-fuel mixture when it enters the combustion chamber. The spinning motion helps in better mixing of the fuel particles with air. The advantage of this technology is more efficient combustion of fuel which results in better fuel economy and cleaner emissions.

How ATFT Works?

While ATFT means Advance Tumble Flow Induction Technology, Tumble flow means cartwheel motion. In this technology, the air-fuel mixture enters the engine cylinder with a somersault or tumbling action. The advantage of Advanced Tumble Flow Induction Technology is that it delivers more efficient burning of fuel. Hence, engine gives more power and better fuel economy with lesser emissions.

ATFT: Advanced Tumble Flow Induction Technology diagram
ATFT: Advanced Tumble Flow Induction Technology diagram

Advanced Tumble Flow Induction Technology mainly focuses at the lower speed range of the motorcycle. A motorcycle may never attain the top speed mentioned on its dashboard due to the traffic conditions and engine limitations. However, most of the time; it operates at the average speed between 50-60 km/h.  It clearly indicates that, on an average, the bikes typically run at slower engine speeds i.e. between 20-30 km/h.

Thus, lower engine rpm results in incomplete combustion process and thereby; increases the emission from the engine. At low speed, induction process becomes very slow. Hence, the engine does not get enough air to burn the fuel completely. This deficiency increases the need of the improvement in induction. As a result, automotive engineers developed ATFT technology.

Advantages of ATFT:

Tumble flow also indicates that the air-flow circulating in the direction of the cylinder axis. It is also beneficial in homogenizing the air-fuel mixture. However, it has little effect on accelerating the combustion process by generating turbulence. Alternatively, the tumble flow effectively improves the engine combustion at light load when it ends near the end of the compression stroke.

Hero Motocorp offers the ATFT technology on its CBZ Xtreme, Hunk and Achiever models.

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