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About Us

Last Updated: November 29, 2016

Crank It is our initiative to help you choose the right kind of vehicle that will satisfy your needs and justify your decision.

Be it a two or a four wheeler, may your budget be low or high, whether you are a techie or a layman, whether you expect performance or mileage….. We are happy to help till you find your ‘dream vehicle’!!

To find the right vehicle form the vast variety that Indian auto industry offers is just like finding a pearl form the ocean! More often, it is seen that the customers’ requirement is continually overlooked in the whole process of selecting the vehicle.  A confused customer- impressed by the classic advertisements, influenced by views of other people and insisted by the sales person; ends up buying the vehicle which does not suffice his purpose! But do not worry, we are here to assist!

In the whole process, we would be playing a role of a companion or a buddy; who, based on your inputs will help you to find exactly what you are looking for. In addition, our unbiased vehicle reviews, revealing the true story; would be helpful to you before finalizing your decision. Technical articles and extensive glossary of terms, written keeping in mind ‘YOU’; would delight your experience.

So, this is all about Crankit!
Wish you a happy cranking!!

Our Team-

We are ‘auto-mad’……..the guys who are really, truly, sincerely & genuinely auto-passionate!! Our team forms a perfect blend of techno-commercial skills encompassing a wide spectrum of expertise from design to after-sales services. We have had hands on experience on almost every phase of the life of an automobile. We have designed, assembled, tested & serviced numerous types of vehicles of reputed Indian as well as overseas brands like American, European etc. We have also put in efforts to increase auto-awareness by means of developing and publishing the quality technical material. In addition, traveling thousands of kilometers on Indian roads; has increased our acquaintance with the vehicles and the customers. Therefore we are well versed with ‘Desi’ conditions and flavor of the vastly different ‘Desi’ people across the length & breadth of this country. Thus, we are pleased and delighted to put all our experience to your benefit and deliver the best!