About Us

Imagine that you are out for some special gadget shopping. Among the numerous options stacked on the rack, you are supposed to select only one. What do you do then? Inspite of being hammered by advertisements and recommendations; 'YOU' select the product that suits you the best, right? Now think for a moment... Isn't 'choosing a car / bike' analogous to this? It certainly is!!

If you can do it for other products you can do it for vehicles as well! But, to do so, you need to have a thorough understanding of the technology that lies under the hood and that is why 'Crankit' is here. Indulge yourself into the best of auto-technology with our lucid explanations and illustrations to make 'informed decisions'!

Be ‘Autological’ and take your own ‘Auto-Decisions’ successfully!

Happy Cranking!!

Team Crankit:

With the advent of social media, almost any one claims to be "auto-passionate" or "auto-enthusiast" or "auto-expert" and so on...we do not belong to the herds of such self-proclaimed experts! But, we have constant thirst for the technological knowledge and passion to share it with others! Thus, we have unboxed this vast knowledge fortified by experience only for you! Do let us know your experience and help us learn better!

Have a great time!

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